Dental Implants Philadelphia

You wouldn’t believe how many people walking around Philadelphia have dental implants.  Even more surprising is how many people have had implant dentistry in our dental practice – Babiner Dental.

Unique Dental Implant Talent in our Philadelphia office

Boris Babiner DMD is a board certified periodontist (specialist of the gums and jawbone that places dental implants on a daily basis).  Dr. Babiner also holds a certificate of prosthodontics from the University of Pennsylvania.  In other words, the dental implant expertise in our practice is of the highest caliber.

What does this mean for the Philadelphia dental implant patient?

Creative treatment plans that make sure that patients reap all the benefit with minimal complications.  A correct plan is what makes the difference between successful therapy and failure.  We pride ourselves in creating careful, patient centered treatment plans based on evidence and years of clinical success.

Dental Implants in Philadelphia – the Possibilities:

  1. Replace all your missing or diseased teeth and avoid any need for removable dentures.
  2. Replace just one or a few missing teeth and make them a part of your healthy new mouth.
  3. Add 2 dental implants to your bottom complete denture for added support
  4. Add 4 dental implants to your top complete denture and enjoy an open palate (better sense of taste and temperature).

What are you waiting for?

A dental implant consultation in our Philadelphia practice will answer all of your questions.  You will get personalized attention and a complete treatment plan that will help you get on track with your oral health.  Experience what hundreds of our patients already know – dental implant treatment done in our Philly practice can transform your quality of life.

Call us when you are ready.  215-698-2710

Thank You,

Babiner Dental Team