Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist

Several scientific studies indicate that the smile is the most important cosmetic feature of the entire face.  But what if your smile could use a “re-vamp.”  That’s when you should seek some professional help.  When you’re ready for this crucial step towards having a smile that you love and others notice, who you go to makes a big difference.

A top notch Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist needs to have a winning team

Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia is offered everywhere.  But not all Cosmetic Dentistry is created equal.  A great result comes together with the right combination of art and science.  This requires a team of experts who work together with patients to create impressive cosmetic dentistry.

Our team

Combine a general dentist with an eye for beautiful smiles, a periodontist who focuses on beautiful healthy gums, assistants who are trained in color selection, a renowned laboratory with truly gifted technicians and a high tech approach.  What do you get? A unique smile you will love.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures available in our Philadelphia dental practice

Snap-On-Smile: This is a really exciting tool that can be used as a temporary cosmetic dentistry makeover.  There is no drilling involved, the fee is reasonable and it gives you a great idea of what your potential smile will look like.  It only takes 2 appointments.  At the first appointment we make an impression and at the second appointment we give you a new smile.

Bonding: Do you have a minor tooth chip? or a small space between one or two teeth?  We can bond a small amount of tooth colored material and fix any small issue in about 30 minutes without any need for needles or drilling.
Porcelain Veneers: Handcrafted porcelain facings are bonded to your teeth to create a winning smile.  It just takes 2 visits for a truly life-changing difference in your appearance.  Works especially well for small teeth with slight spacing.

Cosmetic crowns: If you have an ugly crown with a black metal line at your gums, we can replace it with an aesthetic, all porcelain crown that resembles your natural teeth.

How to decide which cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you

If you live in Philadelphia, all you have to do is schedule an initial consultation.  During your cosmetic exam, we will take some clinical photos, evaluate your gums, shape of your teeth and listen to your wants and needs.  Then a complete plan can be made to meet your needs.  It takes less then 30 minutes and all of your questions will be answered.  To schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, just call 215-698-2710.

We stand behind our work

We will be careful in the planning stage and will take all the steps to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result the first time.  If you are unhappy with something, we will work with you to fix any issues so that you become one of our raging fan patients.  We want you to smile constantly and tell everyone what a great job we did.  That’s our policy and it is how we practice dentistry.