Philadelphia Dentist

If you look through the Philadelphia phonebook, you will notice about 1500 listings for dentists.  With so many dentists, how do you decide who to go to?  We are not saying that our dental practice is right for everyone.  it’s not.  What we are saying is that we are one of the best and most patient friendly.

Why are there so many dentists in Philadelphia?

University of Pennsylvania dental school and Temple University Dental school graduate more than 200 dentists every year.  A lot of these dentists stay in Philadelphia and give patients an opportunity to have a wide selection of Philly dentists.  This is good because there is a large selection of professionals to go to.  It’s also bad because it makes it more difficult to decide which Philadelphia dentist is the right choice.

A group of Philadelphia dentists is better than just one

When selecting a dentist, make sure to find one that’s well connected.  Having dental specialists and dentists who like to do different things in one office is helpful.  Our practice has connections with all types of specialists.  This means that you and your family can receive all types of care in one place.

The best Philadelphia Dentist

There is no such thing as the best Philadelphia dentist.  Every patient is different.  So is every dentist.  That’s why patients have to decide for themselves.  Do you have a large family with kids? Do you need dental implants? Do you need a denture? Do you need braces?  These are all good questions to ask when looking for a dentist in Philly.  We may be a great fit for you and your family or maybe not.  Even though most patients are happy with our high level of service,  In the end you have to find a Philadelphia Dentist that’s right for you.

Would you like to make us your Philadelphia dentist?

We always accept new patients.  Call our Philadelphia practice and let us know what you are most interested in.  Do you need a consultation for dental implants or other major treatment? Do you need a cleaning check up? A filling?  Whatever it is, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality dentistry in Philadelphia.  Just call to schedule your first appointment and find out why patients speak so highly of us. 215-698-2710


Babiner Dental Team