Treatment Philosophy

Babiner Dental provides care that deserves a STAMP of approval:

Satisfaction is a must:  We do our best to accommodate the patient and make sure that the final result is great.

Treatment is decided by the patient: We believe that every patient knows his/her body better than anyone else.  We always let the patient decide the treatment as long as it is reasonable.  All we do is offer suggestions and provide the available options.

Always put the patient first: Patients come before finances.  Our focus is on providing excellent personalized care.  The dentist sees one patient at a time and makes sure that quality of the care is top caliber.

Minimally invasive dentistry: Our first intention is to do no harm.  We provide care that strives not to interfere with nature.  We only step in when we feel that treatment will improve the patient’s life and restore balance to their smile.

Patient communication is critical to good care: We ask questions and listen to make sure that we understand the needs of the patient.  We believe that Listening is what makes a good doctor great.