Here are some examples of the type of dentistry that Boris Babiner DMD offers:

This patient presented with a broken tooth due to an accident.  After orthodontic extrusion and gum correction he received a new crown which makes his mouth intact again.  Now he has confidence for the school dance.

This patient presented with a fractured two front teeth from a car accident. After orthodontic extrusion and gum correction his teeth are rebuilt to their original look.











This patient never showed his teeth when he smiled due to severe tetracycline staining.  After some minor orthodontics (braces) his teeth got a makeover with porcelain veneers and a smile of great confidence.  Now everyone can admire his full smile.


This patient presented with severe periodontal disease. She had a fear of dentists since childhood.  After gum treatment, orthodontics (braces), bridgework and implants she can smile with confidence. Her fears are now a thing of the past.


This patient came with a complaint of unattractive smile.  His teeth needed to be aligned with braces and veneers were fabricated for upper teeth to cover the stains.  Now he is confident with his smile.


This patient was referred by her daughter, my colleague.  Her dentition was failing, broken bridges, fractured teeth, and poor bite relations, not to mention poor esthetics.  After some implant treatment, new crowns and some minor orthodontics her smile and confidence are restored.  A solid foundation and reconstruction like this could last for decades.