Maxim Sverzhin Babiner DMD

Max Babiner, Dentist


Dr. Maxim Babiner D.M.D Graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors Degreee in Biology and a Minor in Business Administration.  He went on to Temple University Dental School where he graduated Summa Cum Luade (the highest possible distinction).

Max enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and finds himself attending continuing education programs at least once a month to stay on top of the exciting innovations in dentistry.  His patients have described him as, “warm, intelligent and gentle.”

He enjoys traveling to and from Florida to visit his wife’s family.  He also enjoys ballroom dancing socially after winning 6th place in a national ballroom dancing competition in 2004.

Doctor Babiner also likes to take part in community events and teach – something he does at any available opportunity.  Would you like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Babiner? Just call 215-698-2710

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