Periodontist Philadelphia

Boris Babiner DMD is a perio prosthodontist and can offer the highest caliber of both periodontics and prosthodontics in Philadelphia.  You have many choices when choosing a specialist in periodontics (gum specialist).  Before you make a decision, there are important things to consider.

Philadelphia Periodontist

Philadelphia Periodontist

The Philadelphia periodontist that dentists trust

The most “picky” patients are other dentists and people who work in the dental field.  They usually have high standards and take a long time to make decisions about treatment.  Boris Babiner treats many of his colleagues, other dentists and even dental technicians.

Does your Philadelphia Periodontist teach others?

Two days out of the week, Boris Babiner is a clinic group leader at the University of Pennsylvania dental school.  As group leader, he oversees several other dentists and personally handles and helps plan the most difficult cases that come into his group.

Periodontal treatments offered at our Philadelphia dental practice

A periodontist is a specialist of the gums and bone surrounding teeth.  Periodontists often work together with general dentists and help ensure that general restorative work is a success.  Here are some of the common procedures that Boris Babiner performs:

  • Crown lengthening (to expose more tooth)
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Scaling and root planning
  • grafting of bone and tissue
  • dental implants.

How do you know if a Philadelphia periodontist is right for you?

The easiest, fastest and safest way is to come in for an initial consultation.  A consultation usually takes 20 minutes or less and answers important questions that most patients have.  To schedule your consultation feel free to call 215-698-2710.  We would love to meet you and help you progress towards excellent oral health.


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