The Secret to Comfortable, Life-like Dentures

If you have had a denture made in Philadelphia, you are either happy with it or you are not.  A lot depends on how much you like your denture.  Is it comfortable? Is it life-like?  Is it functional? Does it make you look younger?  How does a dentist make sure that a patient will feel natural in their denture?  They do it by following the basic rules and listening carefully to wants and needs.

There are no quick fixes or tricks to making great dentures.  The trick is to make sure each step of an important process is done correctly.  First, the correct design must be made that is agreed upon by the dentist and patient.  Next, the denture has to be tried in and adjusted so that it fits and feels good.  Finally, it must be fine-tuned so that it feels balanced and comfortable.  The result is a well made denture that both the patient and the dentist are happy with.

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