Dental Implant Overdenture – The New Standard of Care

Interview with Maxim Babiner DMD About dental implants for lower dentures.

What kind of problems do people sometimes have with their lower denture?

Some people have trouble speaking, eating or being comfortable with their lower dentures. Many people think that having uncomfortable dentures is just a part of being old. They sometimes think that dental implants are for a younger person so they suffer with uncomfortable dentures.

What is the effect of placing dental implants to support lower denture on health?

Studies have shown that people who place 2 dental implants to support their denture eat foods that are more nutritious. This was shown by studying blood tests of people with implant overdentures versus traditional dentures. People with dental implants had more vitamins and nutrients in their system.

Can you tell us how the procedure works in your office?

The procedure has minimal discomfort and lasts about an hour. Healing is usually quick and most patients have no problems. It takes dental implants about 3-4 months to integrate completely. During this time, the patient wears their lower denture as usual. Once the implants are ready, a new denture is made with extra reinforcement to support the bigger biting strength. This new denture has attachments inside that snap onto the dental implants and make the lower denture stay in place.

Are some people poor candidates for dental implants?

People who have uncontrolled diabetes are usually poor candidates for dental implants. People who have taken medications for osteoporosis for a long time are also poor candidates for dental implants. These groups of people sometimes have trouble with healing.

How can people schedule a consultation?

Just call 215-698-2710 and schedule a dental implant consultation. It only takes 15 minutes and helps people find out if they are a good candidate for dental implant.

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