Greater New York Dental Meeting

If you compare the Philadelphia Dental meeting and the Greater New York dental meeting, you will find that the biggest difference is the size of the meeting. The truth is that the dental field is expanding rapidly and the new types of technology are incredible. The next big thing in dentistry is a new type of xray called a CT scan which shows teeth, bone and other parts of the skull in 3 dimensions.

The reason this new technology is so powerful is that it takes away a lot of the guessing that comes about with standard 2 dimensional images. At this meeting we sat down and talked to the most reputable manufacturers of cat scans and found one that significantly reduces radiation to patients while producing high quality images that take the guess work out of diagnoses.

This new technology is soon to be available at our dental practice on 332 Bustleton Pike Feasterville PA 19053 – the new office built this year. Until next time, enjoy your smile!

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